Sunrise 01/02 Black Tie Tampa Bay United 1-1

Sunrise finally got to play on Sunday against a team we had only met 5 months ago in the State Cup. The last time we met we managed a 2-1 victory, but both teams have changed a lot since then. I'm always honest with the girls and I think they were better prepared for this game and more focused than on Saturday which was eventually cancelled. That's something we have to look at going forward in terms of their preparation and focus and that comes down to better planning from all of us.

I thought ALL the girls represented very well on game day. When substitutions were made we never looked weak or vulnerable which is very important as we build this team. However I do feel the referee got some decisions wrong which cost us the game. 

Natalia went through on goal and was brought down by the keeper! This was a straight red card! Not even a yellow card was given to an incident that happened outside the box. The keeper is then considered a last defender when they leave the 18 yard box. The keeper was the player who fouled Natalia.... nothing was given. 

The 2nd incident which was a goalkeeper spill into the path of Alicia was again seen as a foul on the keeper. The video clearly shows she didn't have control of the ball. That is the 4th goal disallowed already this season.

The 3rd was a foul in the second half which did happen in the box and wasn't given as a penalty. the ball was placed 2 yards back on the line of the 18 yard box.

This was a game we had under control and had numerous chances. Very different from the Clay County fixture, where we were lucky to escape with a win. Tampa had only two clear chances in 70min, unfortunately one ended up in the back of the net.

A great composed finish by Lauren made sure we left Fort Meyers with at least 1 point which puts us 3rd in the FSPL 2 points behind Davie with a game in hand.