Electronic Check-in

Sting Cup 2017

Electronic Check-In

Cost: $20.00 per Team

DEADLINE for E-Check in is May 15, 2017 at 11:59pm

Paperwork to have before starting:

A.     Official State Roster (FYSA), US Club Roster, AYSO Roster or other National Organization Roster for clubs outside of Florida.

1.     All players have to be included on the roster.

2.     Guest players within the club have to be pre-printed on the roster. Only guest players from outside the club can be hand written.

3.     Uniform jersey numbers are required for all players.

4.     All coach and bench staff personnel have to be on the roster.

B.     Medical Release Forms for each player signed by parent. These do not need to be notarized.

C.     Player Passes for each player, coach, assistant coach, manager (Front Copy Single Version – Maximum 8 per page).

D.     Guest Player Forms signed by the borrowing club’s registrar for any guest players outside the club. Guest Player forms for players inside the club are also required if the guest players are not pre-printed on the roster.

E.     State Permission to Travel for all teams outside of Florida.

F.      Copy of Paypal Payment Confirmation Receipt.

Step 1:

Make payment by clicking on PayPal link:

Add special instructions to the seller: Add your team name, age group, gender such as Sunrise SC U15 Girls Black and confirmation# for proper identification purposes.