Making Payments on Sportslogic

Details for paying on Sportslogic:

Important dates:

June 5th: Payment Open

June 5-30th: If total is paid in full before July 1, 2018 there is no payment plan fee

After July 1st:  A fee of $125 for payment plan will go into effect, which is divided across the 7-month payment plan.

****Whether you are using the payment plan or paying in full, please use the "Custom Amount". If paying in full enter either $1,350 or $1,650 (based on age). Due not select "Pay in Full", because that includes the payment plan fee. If registration fee is paid in full before July 1st, the $125 payment plan will be waived.****

Payment Instructions:

Step 1: Log into your Sportslogic account using (this is NOT the link used to register for tryouts).


Step 2: On your home page scroll on the left hand side to the section labeled Payments/ Accounting. Click the Payments/ Accounting.


Step 3: Select the season and participant by clicking on the “select” button to the left of the Participant name.


Step 4: The Charges and Payments should appear to the right. On the top right there is a box titled “Add Payment”. Please click the “Add Payment”


Step 5: A box that looks like this should appear that says "Add Payment"

You have the option of paying in full (The fee is $1,350 for 2010-2007, and $1,650 for 2006-2000). If you are paying in full please click Custom Amount and enter $1,350 for 2010-2007 players and $1,650 for 2006-2000 players. If the fee is paid before July 1st, the payment plan fee will be waived.

You also have the option of paying in 7-month installments. There is an initial non-refundable $350 that is due before July 1, 2018. Starting July 1st, (the first payment) will automatically be deducted from the card on file. The final payment is due by January 1, 2019.


Step 6: Enter the amount you choose to pay, and click “Add Payment”


Step 7: The payment you’ve entered should appear in a section titled “Selected Payments For”. If it matches the amount you entered, please click “Checkout” on the bottom right hand corner.


Step 8: A Payment Window should appear asking to enter your credit/ debit card information. Enter your details and finalize the payment. A window saying that the payment was successful should appear.